Entry Form— Check back later for the entry form! 

2017 Herb Kohler


Theme: Silly Citizens 

Date: Saturday September 16th at 10 AM


1. All participants must line up at in the lot adjacent to (or immediately on the west side of) the drive to enter KB Foods.

Parade participants must enter the area KB Foods from North Broadway and you will be directed from there. Please car pool when possible.

2. No one under the age of 6 can walk in the parade. They must ride on a float.

3. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO THROW CANDY OR OTHER ITEMS ALONG THE PARADE ROUTE. PERSONS MAY WALK ALONG YOUR UNIT AND HAND CANDY AND OR OTHER ITEMS TO SPECTATORS. The Individual signing the entry form is responsible to tell all persons in your unit of this rule.

4. Keep pace with the unit in front of you. Do not stop and perform along the route.

5. We will start lining up at 8:30 am. Please be in line no later than 9:45 am

6. Horses will be assigned to the end of the parade and must provide their own waste collection!


Deadline for parade entries will be Sept. 1, 2017. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For further info please email:

Shannon Christianson,